5 Ways You Can Really Steal Organic Clicks from Industry Giants

5 Ways You Can Really Steal Organic Clicks from Industry Giants

The giants of fairy-tales have three things going for them: strength, resources, and infamy.

In a similar way, our industry giants often dominate the searches due to the strength of their team, the resources of a large budget, and their brand fame.

A household name, a large team of experts, and a budget to rival the plunder of a fantasy kingdom, isn’t a luxury we all have as search marketers.

So how do you stand out from the crowd in a marketplace dominated by industry giants with resources out of your reach?

We are going to explore ways to win organic clicks and conversions away from the big, established players in your space while working with budgets a fraction of theirs.

In just five steps, I’m going to show you how you can prepare your website to bring down the giants.

1. Look for Their Weaknesses
The first step in competing against the dominant brands is assessing where they have weaknesses.

Content Gap Analysis
Start with a content audit. Using a tool like Ahrefs, you get an understanding of what keywords you are ranking for, which they are not.

In Ahrefs you can enter your domain and a couple of the sites of competitors who are also in the top 5 organic search results into the “Content Gap” feature and compare it with the number one player in your industry.

This will show you which keywords you and your competitors are ranking for which the giant is not. This gives you an idea of where your competitive edge is.

For example, I have chosen the industry “wooden sheds” and entered two websites and the brand I am keen on improving.

If the giant I’m wishing to take down is Homebase, a large home improvement and gardening store here in the UK, then I can see that the keywords they are not ranking for, but some or all of the smaller brands are.

This gives me an idea that I can compete more easily for terms such as “potting shed” and “playhouses”, both with a high monthly search volume but not something the giant is currently targeting.

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